My name is Kelly, a red-headed mermaid who lives on a little island outside of Charleston. I am silly and probably a bit crazy, in the quirky-but-nice neighbor kind of way.

I love photography, whether I'm shooting with my beloved Nikon or my trusty iPhone. I love stuffed animals and often do photo shoots with my stuffed animal friends. And I love drawing and painting (and my stuffed animals make appearances there as well).

I've been making art more a part of my life, but I really believe that the more you do something, the better you get at it. I want to do more and continue to grow my skills and creativity.

Here, you will find art and photos and silliness, hopefully daily. I look forward to sharing my creativity and play with you.
12/26/2012 12:15:50 pm

Wonderful blog, Kelly! Very friendly and professional! Airy and welcoming.

Kelly Winget Shaw
12/26/2012 09:34:33 pm

Thanks, Uncle Pat!

Mom and Dad Shaw
12/28/2012 01:22:31 am

Kelly Girl!
All we can say is "Wow and Weeeeeeeeee such fun". Your photograpy leaves us speechless-as if are there right now. Your sketches are whimsical and lways tell a story! Carry on!!!!
Mom and Dad and Peppercorn!

Mom Shaw
12/29/2012 01:53:11 am

Another day that your talents brought smiles to my face and heart. Love the lights and stunning Myra to. Your giraffe looks like me in the morning getting ready for the 7am Pepper walk. (Methinks that some velcro sneakers would be the ticket). Love ya!!!

Kelly Winget Shaw
12/31/2012 02:50:23 am

Thanks, Mom :)


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