Finished 3/3
Daily art, 3/3
Daily art from 1/24
Some days, not even eight arms were enough. Daily art for 1/17/13
A pocket bunny enjoying a walk. Quick sketch from 1/15.
The finished giraffe in spaaaaaaace, for Hannah
This one isn't quite finished yet, I have to color in the planets. It is for my friend Sarah's little girl :) daily art from 1/14
Festival of lanterns and light. Daily art from 1/13
The fairyrexasaurus - one of the lesser known -sauruses
Flutterbies - iPhone sketch
Separate but connected at the root. Daily art from 1/9/13
It quickly became apparent that the privacy fence was not going to work. Fred was just always there, staring at him, probably judging him for his unkempt grass and uneven brick path. And that damn bowtie. It just made everything worse.
Daily art from 1/8/13