Uh oh



Uh oh. The miniature elephant got into my coffee. Well, how much trouble can he really get into...right??
Fast and loose, flowers in a vase. Very different from my usual watercolor style, which is usually much more deliberate. I want to play around with how I do art, and this seemed like a quick, easy way to just get some colors on the page

My name is Kelly, a red-headed mermaid who lives on a little island outside of Charleston. I am silly and probably a bit crazy, in the quirky-but-nice neighbor kind of way.

I love photography, whether I'm shooting with my beloved Nikon or my trusty iPhone. I love stuffed animals and often do photo shoots with my stuffed animal friends. And I love drawing and painting (and my stuffed animals make appearances there as well).

I've been making art more a part of my life, but I really believe that the more you do something, the better you get at it. I want to do more and continue to grow my skills and creativity.

Here, you will find art and photos and silliness, hopefully daily. I look forward to sharing my creativity and play with you.
This is Murry, my baby pet unicorn. As unicorns are naturally curious, you will likely see Murry here a lot, getting into various adventures. Although shy at first, Murry is a friendly unicorn and likes to make new friends :)