Drawing from 1/19 
A sneaker with wings to help me get through the half marathon
Carolina. Quick sketches on my phone last night before bed, daily art from 1/18
Some days, not even eight arms were enough. Daily art for 1/17/13
The checkers match wasn't going particularly well, and as a result, Stanley was feeling rather prickly that afternoon. Daily art for 1/16
A pocket bunny enjoying a walk. Quick sketch from 1/15.
The finished giraffe in spaaaaaaace, for Hannah
This one isn't quite finished yet, I have to color in the planets. It is for my friend Sarah's little girl :) daily art from 1/14
Festival of lanterns and light. Daily art from 1/13
The fairyrexasaurus - one of the lesser known -sauruses
Flutterbies - iPhone sketch