Hippo tries to hula hoop
Rabbit playing hopscotch

Daily art from 1/28

The slow and steady race of champions, daily art for 1/26
The world is love, and I hold it in my hands. 
Hula  hooping was proving more difficult than Stacey had imagined, but then shoe buying was also a challenge and she kept trying that too. 
Flight of the butterflies 
Some quick doodles before bed, daily art for 1/27
With a cherry on top
Wildflowers, done on iPhone

Daily art from 1/25

Daily art from 1/24
It was hard to say who was more surprised when Fred landed on the water. Daily art from 1/23
Work from 1/21 and 1/22
Earl made the best peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches on days when he happened on the strawberry and blueberry jellyfish. Tonight, he would dine like a king! Daily art from 1/22
Domo was pleased with his work for the day, some good destruction with plenty left to do tomorrow
She knew it was her own reflection, but Zelle had never been more in love. Could you blame her? She was, after all, the prettiest fish she had ever seen.
One of the challenges of being a small fluffy unicorn was the tendency to get pulled out of one's boots when opening an umbrella. But being a unicorn, at least Murry got to see rainbows every time it rained.

Daily art from 1/21

Owlmelia dressed like her hero whenever she was afraid to fly, which was often. Daily art from 1/20